Red Bull Starlet Throws Out Ferrari Talk

One of the biggest rumours doing the rounds for the past while has been of a German set to drive for Italians. This combination of nationality has been formidable before in F1, with many races and championships won when Michael Schumacher drove for Ferrari between 1996 and 2006. This time it is Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull fame who is tipped to drive for one of Italy’s most famous sporting teams.

A pre-contract agreement was supposedly agreed between the two parties for 2014, with performance-related clauses which could release the young German from his contract with the Austrian drinks manufacturer at the end of 2013. He has denied that any such move has been made, but has also declared that he would be honoured to race for the Prancing Horse:

“I’m flattered, but there has been no signal from me, I’ve not signed anything, nor agreed anything with a handshake. But if you asked the 24 drivers in Formula One if they would like to go to Ferrari in their career, all 24 would say ‘yeah’, and it is the same with me.

 They are just an awesome race team. But it (a move) has to fit on all sides.”

Schumacher won five world driver’s championships with Ferrari between 2000 and 2005

Ever since Schumacher’s departure in 2006, Ferrari have struggled to get near the dominance they had previously appeared to reach so perfectly. Kimi Raikkonen was trumpeted as the man to replace Schumacher but the truth was that both men were very different. Where Schumacher was a team player, keen on all of the details, Raikkonen was solely interested in driving the car. The Finish man was a lone individual with a lack of desire towards testing and sponsorship commitments which did not fit well with Ferrari’s family ethos. Felipe Massa fared better in the results table than Raikkonen following Kimi’s 2007 world title win and came devastatingly close to two driver’s titles in two years in 2008.

Alonso sees Ferrari with a natural leader again

Fernando Alonso’s arrival in 2010 was finally seen as the new dawn of a leader, and the Spaniard has helped Ferrari’s cause as they brought themselves back into winning contention after a bad start in 2010 despite winning the opening race. Alonso is currently at the head of the driver’s standings, but Ferrari have been on the lookout for a replace for team-mate Felipe Massa who has largely paled in comparison to Alonso since 2010. Sebastian Vettel is definitely on the list for possible future Ferrari drivers, but when he makes the move is seen as a bigger question than if he even will at all.

Aware that there are few constants in Formula One, Vettel did hint towards a possible change of scenery if Red Bull do not remain the team to beat:

“But if you asked the 24 drivers in Formula One if they would like to go to Ferrari in their career, all 24 would say ‘yeah’, and it is the same with me.

“They are just an awesome race team. But it (a move) has to fit on all sides. Who knows, maybe things change and suddenly I go somewhere else, or it may be I never go anywhere else in my career because there simply is no better package than Red Bull.”

Rivals in the present, team-mates in the future?

He has attempted to quell the fires of chatter for now, but his admiration for the team along with his refusal to speak on his future commitments with Red Bull will keep this story from lying down for some time yet.


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