Hamilton Concentrating On Winning, McLaren Wary Of Singapore Chances

A topic of much discussion in recent months has been the future of Lewis Hamilton. The Englishman’s contract at McLaren expires at the end of this season and he has not given any indication of being in a hurry to conclude talks. Relaxed about it whenever the issue is brought up, the speculation on his drive for next year has ramped up since Eddie Jordan’s declaration that he believed Hamilton already had a deal with Mercedes in place.

Attending a media event in Mumbai, he was again asked when his seat would be secured, but he would not be drawn on any set time period.

“I don’t have a timeline. My focus is on trying to win this world championship. Of course I do have to have those things sorted out but I do have people in the background working on those contract negotiations. ”

Since Jordan spouted his Mercedes line, the question people have been asking has shifted from when will he re-sign for McLaren, to will he really sign for Mercedes? Hamilton wanted to clear the air, saying that a lot of the “stories” which have been spoken of are not true. Having won the past three races, his McLaren team are in a much superior position to a Mercedes outfit which has won just one race since 2010 and Hamilton seemed to give a strong hint that he would be staying at McLaren beyond his current deal.

“There’s a lot of speculation, there’s a lot of stories that aren’t true. I think we’re all wise enough to understand that people write things and that what is written is not necessarily what is true,” he said. “I think the most important thing is that I’m 100 percent focused on winning with this team and taking them forward.

“I’ve been with the team since I was 13 and we’ve worked so hard since 2009 to try and win this championship and hopefully, finally, we’re in the position where we can. So the most important thing is that I do not get distracted by all the rubbish that’s been around.”

The Australian Michael had worked for Lotus, Jordan and Williams, as well as McLaren

As the calender moves to Singapore and the sport’s only night race of the season, sporting director Sam Michael said that the season was now reaching it’s crucial point as F1 leaves Europe for the flyaway races which last until the end of the season in late November. Michael believes that the Marina Bay circuit will show whether McLaren can stay in genuine contention for the championship and that Red Bull were not to be counted out despite their recent downturn in form.

“I think now it is a critical point of the championship for us. We are coming from behind and we know we have a big challenge to try and get up there in the constructors’ [championship].

“The next race is important because if you look at the last three [races] there are various circumstances that may have contributed to our main competitor, such as Red Bull, suffering in performance.

“One in particular is the lift to drag ratios of tracks. We have been to two low-drag circuits, Spa and Monza, and those are quite different aero packages compared to what you normally run. We are now going back to Singapore, which is a maximum downforce circuit.”

“If we go there and still have same sort of advantage as we had in the last two [races], then I would say we are in a really strong position to challenge [for the title],” he explained.

“If RBR is quick again and on the front row with both cars, then I think it doesn’t mean we cannot win the championship – but it will be a tougher job.”


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