Bull Unleashed: Champions Bring Out The RB9

It was a tentative first day for the Red Bull team displaying their car for the upcoming season as they held their launch event at their headquarters in Milton Keynes. The ninth car to be made under the Red Bull name, it will be hoped that it can bring the team into an exclusive club of teams who have won four consecutive driver’s world titles, to add to those won in 2010, 2011 and 2012, all by Sebastian Vettel.

It has been a remarkable previous three seasons in which the end result has been the same – Red Bull doing the double of driver’s and constructor’s world champipnship titles. Sebastian Vettel gave every indication of a driver who is not resting on his laurels and urged focus from the team as they go for the attempt at four consecutive championship winning years.

“It will be tough; tough to beat Mark (Webber), tough to beat the other guys and the other teams because they will try everything to beat us. Obviously the last three years have been very good for us and we’ve managed to beat them but there’s no guarantee or nothing that helps us to keep winning and keep doing a good job. So we really have to focus every single time – or in our case every single lap – and try to get everything together.”

Webber has been outspoken on the subject of team favouritism

Webber has been outspoken on the subject of team favouritism

Mark Webber was of increased interest to the media, not least because of the comments recently from Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko which suggested that Webber struggles to perform on a high level consistently enough to win a championship. The Australian has in the past controversially hinted that his team-mate was getting preferential treatment over him. He said at the launch that he is confident he can mount a challenge to Vettel this season.

“I do believe I can have a crack at the Championship again this year, as I have done in previous seasons,” he said. “That’s what I’m getting up each day thinking.

“The team know I need 100 percent support, you can’t win World Championships with 99 percent support. That’s what I’m confident of.”

Newey is one of Formula One's most successful designers

Newey is one of Formula One’s most successful designers

Another man key to both Red Bull’s success and the jealousy from that success is the designer of Red Bull’s cars since 2007, Adrian Newey. Newey has had a long career in F1, with his cars taking over 80 race victories and championships with Wiliams, McLaren and Red Bull. A keen race driver himself, his design work has also taken him to sports car racing and the former CART series in America, winning the Indy 500 numerous times. On his freshly-created F1 car for 2013, he spoke of evolution instead of revolution and said it was the development work through the season which would be key to any title hopes.

“There were no big regulation changes over the winter. The most significant change is not the regulations, it’s the new Pirelli tyres. We had a quick test in P1 in Brazil but it was very hot and on a green track and in truth we didn’t learn a lot.”

He added: “It’s really been a case of refining the RB8. There are no huge changes. It’s very much an evolutionary car. All the principles the same as last year.

“The devil has very much been in the detail with this car. We’ve tidied up some bits that we felt could be improved on. Development is now the key through the year.”


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