Door Open For Future Vettel To Ferrari Transfer, Says Mateschitz

Ferrari heads will have been turned by the admittance from Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz that Sebastian Vettel would be allowed to move from Red Bull to Ferrari if the driver wished to, regardless of contract.

In a story which has been running since 2011, there has been consistent denials from Ferrari that a driver pairing of it’s current lead driver Fernando Alonso and Vettel could work out, with Alonso’s own ill-spent time in 2007 as Lewis Hamilton’s team-mate at McLaren being the reasoning referred to, but not mentioned.

This week’s words from Mateschitz will be perhaps music to Italian ears, as the energy drinks company owner also said that the lure of Ferrari would be very hard for any Formula 1 driver to resist.

“If it would not work out with us anymore it would be senseless to try to keep him just because of a valid contract,” said Mateschitz.

“If I were an F1 driver, my desire would certainly be to become a Ferrari driver.

“But right now this is no issue.”

Fernando Alonso is the man who the German would likely replace

Fernando Alonso is the man who the German would likely replace

Vettel’s current contract runs until the end of 2014, while Alonso’s runs out at the end of the 2015 season with an option to extend it for an extra year. It is unlikely that Ferrari would want the potential headache of having to balance two lead drivers in one team. Instead, as president of Ferrari Luca Di Montezemolo said in January, Vettel is only top of the Scuderia’s list when Alonso decides his time at Maranello is over.

“If Alonso decided tomorrow to go to live in Hawaii with the girlfriend I have no doubt that for human and professional reasons [I would choose] Vettel. He would be very good for us.

“Vettel I like because he is not presumptuous. He wants to win but he is not arrogant. Michael [Schumacher] told me many years ago that coming from karts Vettel had the most potential of any young driver and he was right.”

Formula One is one of many sports where a perceived “dream team” falls into nightmare territory when the reality of the dream is realised. There is no doubt that a pairing of the two drivers could be very fruitful, but also very hazardous. Alonso’s sole season at McLaren soured due to having to play equal partners and Vettel is widely seen the favoured son at Red Bull. However, even if the two do not become team-mates, Vettel may, in the next few seasons, want to write a new chapter in his career. Perhaps it will be called “The Ferrari Years”.


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