Night Race Close For Russian GP In 2015, Event May Change Calender Slot

A few days away from hosting the inaugural Russian Grand Prix, officials at the circuit in Sochi say that talks are at an advanced stage to host the same event under reduced natural light for next season’s event.

The race would have to start at a time when the skies over Sochi have already begun to darken due to the increased twilight period compared to the Abu Dhabi race, which begins in daylight and finishes with floodlights under darkness.

Consultant for the Russian Grand Prix Richard Cregan stated that the venue under lights was a marvel to behold and that it was almost a done deal for the second race at Sochi to finish in darkness.

“The facilities that surround the track are amazing – they are the most modern systems in terms of lighting,” he said. “When you see it at night time, it is beautiful.

“But we have to be watching our sunset. It is different to somewhere like Singapore or Abu Dhabi or Bahrain, where you are close to the equator and it is quickly light or dark and twilight is short.

“So we would want to start in low light conditions and finish completely in the dark.

“But it is definitely is on the cards, and has been discussed quite a bit. I think it is just the matter of the right conversation and it will happen.”

Cregan also mused a change in the race date from its current October slot to a much earlier May date, but admitted that the race would be under the mercy of the FIA. The change would be beneficial due to the holiday period in Russia at that time.

“There has been discussion about having the race in May, because May is a big holiday time here,” he said.

“With races being added we will have to see how the calendar works out and what opportunities present themselves.

“But we have to be realistic, we are a new race and we will fill in whatever slot we are given basically.

“Ideal for us here is May, and the ideal for Abu Dhabi is the end of the year.”




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