Manor Uncertain For Rest Of Weekend

Manor Uncertain To Race

The former Marussia team, now named Manor, have defied expectations in just making it to Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix. Whether they actually race is not known yet, as the team’s Sporting Director Graeme Lowdon cast doubt on any track running.

Manor came out of administration only two weeks ago. The team are running with 2014 cars modified to include a nose which fits the 2015 regulations. They are also using engines which their partners Ferrari ran with at the end of last year.

“It’s not simply a software issue,“ Lowdon, the team’s President and Sporting Director, said. “There’s a lot of issues, none of which are a big surprise really when you consider the amount of work that’s been required to get the team here in a very, very short space of time.

“I would say that the problems we’re dealing with at present are not unusual for the task that we’re doing, which is effectively setting up both trackside and on-car infrastructure for these cars to run.”


Despite the chance that the team may not actually get out on track, Lowdon insisted that it was right for Manor to have made the journey to Australia as they are committed to the cause.

“We just have to deal with problems one at a time. I think, as we steadily get through them, we’ll be able to put a little bit more accuracy on any kind of prediction.”

“It’s really important to be here,” he stressed. “This is a championship that we’re part of, and we want to be part of it from the start right the way through to the finish.

“We’re racers and we want to race. That what we want to do and there’s nothing we’re doing that’s possibly slowing the process down. We want to be on the track as quickly as we possibly can.”


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